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  • Think globally: Encourage your members to join the ACS Network.
    The ACS Network and its communities is a leading way to stay current in the scientific industry and network with ACS Members and partners from around the world.
  • Encourage the formation of sub-sets within your local section.
    You can increase the value for your local section members by promoting the formation of smaller communities—persons of a particular gender, age category, or other distinguishing characteristic. Relationships formed in such local section networking groups will lead to members sharing the latest research, planning local section projects, or simply socializing and establishing enduring friendships.

    Reviewing the demographic sheets for your section and other sections in your region will give you information about the size and type of groups that you may want to program for. Once you identify important groups you can start to think about programs that will interest them

Resources for Connecting with Specific Groups

  • Younger Chemists Committee
    Do you want to address the specific needs of younger and early-career chemists. Contact the Younger Chemists Committee and explore their website.
  • Student Chapters
    Student Chapters participate in a range of programs and activities that enhance their college experience and prepare them for successful careers.
  • Women Chemists Committee
    Seek out ways to recruit women in the chemical sciences to your local section.
  • Senior Chemists
    Create a Senior Chemists Committee within your local section and promote chemistry with students, young chemists, and the public.
  • Committee on Minority Affairs
    Learn how to achieve full participation and expression of intellectual and creative capacity of under-represented minorities.
  • Committee on Chemists with Disabilities
    Target the many scientists and technicians with disabilities who are pursuing successful careers in chemistry and allied sciences-in industry, education, and government.