ACS Technical Division Prices

2024 American Chemical Society Technical Division Dues Prices
(all prices in US Dollars)

Divisions/SubdivisionsCode ACS MemberNon-Member Division Affiliates and Community AssociatesSociety Affiliate MemberStudent MemberEmeritus Member(d)Retired Member(f)
Agricultural & Food (a) (c) (h)50110.0015.0015.0010.000.0010.00

Functional Food & Natural Products

Flavor ChemistryH010.
Food & Nutrition J010.
Food SafetyM010.
Food BioengineeringN010.
Diet and Gut MicrobiomeP010.
Agrochemicals (a) (f)52314.0016.0016.005.000.0010.00
Fertilizer & Soil ChemistryG230.
Analytical Chemistry (a) (c) (h)50220.0025.0025.0010.000.0020.00
Chromatography & Separation ChemistryG025.
Biochemical Technology  51920.00    20.00
Biological Chemistry (c) (h)50315.0015.0015.005.000.0015.00
Business Development & Management (c) (h)50820.0020.0020.0010.000.000.00
Carbohydrate Chemistry (c) (h)50412.5019.0012.507.000.0012.50
Catalysis Science & Technology (c) (h)53615.0015.0015.000.000.0015.00
Cellulose & Renewable Materials (c) (h)50515.0025.0020.
Chemical Education (c) (f) (h)50625.0025.0025.0010.000.0025.00
Chemical Health & Safety (a) (c) (f) (h)52912.0025.0025.001.000.0012.00
Cannabis Chemistry
Chemical Information (c) (f) (h)50715.0020.0020.
Chemical Toxicology (c) (h)53420.0020.0020.005.0010.0020.00
Chemistry & The Law (c)53218.0024.0024.005.005.0018.00
Colloid and Surface Chemistry (h)50915.0016.0015.005.000.0015.00
Computers in Chemistry (c) (h)51022.0022.0022.0010.0022.0022.00
Division of Energy & Fuels (c) (h)53720.0025.0025.005.000.0020.00
Environmental Chemistry 51115.0020.0020.0010.000.0015.00
Fluorine Chemistry 51310.0017.0017.0010.000.0010.00
History of Chemistry (b) (c) (h)51520.00 (3)25.00 (3)25.00 (3)20.00 (3)10.0020.00
Archaeological ChemistryG150.
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry (a) (c) (h)51614.0018.0018.002.000.0014.00
Separation Science & TechnologyG160.
Applied Chemical TechnologyM160.
Inorganic Chemistry (a) (c) (h)51715.0015.0015.005.000.0015.00
Bioinorganic ChemistryI170.
Organometallic ChemistryH170.
Solid State ChemistryG170.
Coordination ChemistryK170.
Sustainable Energy and EnvironmentM170.
Medicinal Chemistry (h)51825.0025.0025.0010.0025.0025.00
Nuclear Chemistry & Technology (c) (h)52025.0030.0030.0010.000.000.00
Organic Chemistry 52120.0020.0020.005.000.0020.00
Physical Chemistry (a) (h)52520.0020.0020.005.000.0020.00
Theoretical ChemistryG250.
Biophysical ChemistryH250.
Polymer Chemistry (c) (f) (h)52630.00       50.0050.0010.0030.0030.00
Polymeric Materials: Science & Eng (c) (h)52225.0040.0040.001.0010.0010.00
Professional Relations (a) (c)52710.0020.0010.005.000.0010.00
Younger ChemistsG270.
Women ChemistsH270.
Chemists with DisabilitiesI270.
Minority AffairsJ270.
ACS PrideM270.
Rubber (*) 528105.00105.00105.0025/50 (i)2.00 (g)105.00
Small Chemical Businesses (c) (f)53120.0020.0025.0010.000.0015.00

a) You must be a Division member before becoming a member of its subdivision.

b) Additional postage charges are for mailings outside the U.S.

c) Division membership free for the first year.

d) Emeritus status requires written request to division; other requirements may apply.

f) Dues for Retired members.

g) Typically waived by the Steering Committee.

h) Student membership free for the first year.

i) Undergraduate, $25.00;  Graduate/Post Graduate $50.00


*All Division memberships are billed from Columbus, OH except for the Rubber Division.  Rubber Division members are billed directly by the division.

Apply to:

Rubber Division, ACS

306 N. Cleveland-Massillon Road

Akron, OH 44333


** If joining ACS for the first time.