Technical Division Officer Toolkit

Resources for technical division officers to run a successful division, and engage and recruit members

Manage Your Technical Division

Annual reports, tax information, elections & bylaws, legal guides and more

Find current members and anyone affiliated with ACS within your community.

Annual Reporting
Instructions on how to file your annual report

Grants & Awards
Recognize the contributions of your members and fund events for your  division

Leadership Skills
Hone your leadership skills with in-person and online courses.

Treasurers' Webinar 
Learn about the treasurer’s role and responsibilities, legal resources, and more.

ACS Meetings & Expo Programming

Everything you need to manage your technical program at ACS Meetings & Expo

Meeting Abstracts Programming System (MAPS)
Used by authors, chairs and organizers to submit, view, review, and edit abstracts

Program Chair Procedure Manual
Program chair responsibilities for programming at ACS Meetings and Expos

Events & Deadlines

Some keys events for divisions