Taskforce for Safety Education Guidelines

The Committee on Chemical Safety (CCS) has formed the new Task Force for Safety Education Guidelines (TFSEG). We have included partners that have a significant role in chemistry education to help produce reports and guidelines that will be valued in the chemistry community. The ACS Education Division and the ACS leadership has had a pivotal role in supporting this project.

The purpose of the TFSEG is:

“To develop guidelines for laboratory safety education from middle school through high school, through undergraduate school, and graduate schools, as well as for faculty and staff. These guidelines would identify safety topics and areas that should be taught and competencies that should be tested at various levels throughout the educational process.”

Task Force for Safety Education Guidelines Members and Their Representative Organizations

  • Jack Breazeale, Co-Chair
  • Kirk Hunter, Co-Chair, CCS Member
  • Scott Goode, CCS Partnerships Subcommittee Chair
  • Pat Redden, CCS Member
  • Anna Dunn, CCS Member and Graduate Education Advisory Board Representative
  • Ken Fivizzani, Division of Chemical Health and Safety (CHAS) Representative
  • Edgar Arriaga, Committee on Professional Training (CPT) Representative
  • Steven Fleming, Society Committee on Education (SOCED)
  • Neal Langerman, Corporation Associates
  • Karlo Lopez, Committee on Ethics
  • Julie Ellefson, Two-Year College Advisory Board
  • Dominick Casadonte, Chemistry Department, Texas Tech University
  • Representative (yet to be named), American Association of Chemistry Teachers
  • Frank Torre, Division of Chemical Education (CHED) Representative
  • Robert Hill, CCS Chair, Ex-officio, advisor as needed
  • Marta Gmurczyk, ACS Liaison
  • Raihanah Rasheed, ACS Assistant Liaison