How to Safely Manage Chemicals in Educational Settings

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Most professionals and educators understand the importance of safe chemical management in today's world. Unfortunately, many undergraduate, graduate, and secondary education programs do not provide equal coverage of this critical competency.

Join Professor of Chemical Education Susan Wiediger of Southern Illinois University Edwardsville and Safety Education Consultant Samuella B. Sigmann as they discuss the fundamentals and best practices for chemical management, highlighting avenues for individuals to pursue more knowledge.

This ACS Webinar is moderated by Amanda Chung, Chemical Hygiene Officer at the University of North Texas and is co-produced with the ACS Division of Chemical Health & Safety and the Committee on Chemical Safety.

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What You Will Learn

  • How and why to organize chemicals based on hazard categories
  • Best practices for upkeep and maintenance of chemical storage areas
  • Essential information needed for inventory management including best labeling practices for secondary containers

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What an attendee said about this ACS Webinar!

As a new lab coordinator and stockroom manager at an institution that traditionally does things differently than I do, this has been a wonderfully informative webinar to see how well my goals for improving my department line up with best practices and practical strategies that were shared today. I greatly appreciate all the resources and external links that were shared for further reference. This was AWESOME! Thank you so much!!

Meet the Experts

Susan Wiediger
Professor, Chemical Education, Department of Chemistry, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

Samuella B. Sigmann
Safety Education Consultant & Past Stockroom, Director, and Chemical Hygiene Officer, Appalachian State University (Retired)

Amanda Chung
Chemical Hygiene Officer, University of North Texas

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