ACS PhD Hour: Thinking Beyond Academia

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The skills learned from earning a PhD go beyond the expertise learned in a specific field of research. 

Be part of a virtual discussion with a panel of ‘Doctors of Philosophy (PhDs)’ and learn why each scientist decided to venture into a ‘non-traditional’ career path, beyond academia.

Learn how the research skills you develop in graduate school can be transitioned to successful industry careers and beyond.This ACS Webinar is moderated by Joel Joseph of the ACS International Student Chapter at IISc Bangalore and co-produced with ACS International, ACS Publications, and ACS International Student Chapter at IISc Bangalore, catering to an audience based in India..

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What You Will Learn

  • How to adapt to the transition from the research lab to industry
  • Transferrable skills from PhD to Industry and how to showcase them
  • What skills do you need to learn as you transition – The learning curve

Co-produced With

Meet the Experts

Dr. Tuli Bakshi
Independent Consultant (Decarbonization)

Dr. Anasuya Roy
Founder and CEO,
Nanosafe Solutions Pvt. Ltd

Dr. Anshu Kumar
CTO, Seaveda Biotech Pvt. Ltd

Dr. Asha Liza James
Lead - Triage Portfolio, Global Developments Unit, ACS Publications

Dr. Ashesh Mahto
Development Editor, ACS Publications

Dr. Kritika Khulbe
Publications Data Manager, Global Editorial Operations, ACS Publications

Joel Joseph
PhD student, Centre For Biosystems Science and Engineering, IISc Bangalore 

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