ACS Public Policy Fellowship Programs

The ACS offers two public policy fellowships:

  • The ACS Congressional Fellowship is a one-year opportunity; two ACS members per year are placed on Capitol Hill as part of the larger, AAAS-administered program. 
  • The ACS Science Policy Fellowship is a one-year opportunity that is renewable for a second year. One Science Policy Fellow position is available at a time. 
  • ACS Fellowship applications will reopen November 15, 2022 for the 2023-2024 cycle.

Fellowships start in September; however, the Congressional Fellowship start date may be delayed until January at the Fellow’s request.

ACS Congressional Fellowship

The ACS Congressional Fellowship Program places two fellows each year as staff members in the office of a Senator, Representative, or Committee. As part of a broader effort administered by AAAS that places more than 30 scientists per year in Congress, the program has two main goals: to provide policy-makers with high quality information on science-related issues and to educate scientists on how government works and how science policy is made.

Fellows work on the Congressional staff of their choice; placement support is provided by ACS and AAAS. Fellows typically serve as legislative assistants, advising on a range of science policy issues and interacting with constituents.

For more information, visit the AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellowships website.

Become a Fellow

Application deadline: January 15


Policy Fellowship Programs
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Steve Feldgus (Congressional Fellow, 2003-2004) and Emily Lewis (Congressional Fellow 2014-2015) with Rep. Alan Lowenthal (D-CA).

ACS Science Policy Fellowship

The ACS Science Policy Fellowship Program places one Science Policy Fellow (SPF) with the ACS Government Affairs, Outreach & Alliances team for 1-2 years. The SPF works with experienced Government Affairs staff on areas of importance to the chemistry enterprise, including: federal funding for scientific research; science, technology, engineering and math education; green chemistry; environmental policy; and regulatory policy. The SPF also supports ACS' member-driven policy development process and encourages members to engage with their elected officials and other policymakers.

SPFs gain a deeper understanding of how scientists and scientific organizations participate in public affairs through broad exposure to a range of policy topics and federal agencies. SPFs also conducts a unique fellowship project based on their interests.


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Chris Yarosh (Science Policy Fellow 2016-2018) takes a break from meetings at the National Academy of Sciences.