April 2018 Issue


Open for Discussion: Weighing in on Calories

Open for Discussion: Weighing in on Calories

By Michael Tinnesand

Let’s get the facts straight about calories and weight gain!


protein myth

The Protein Myth: Getting the Right Balance

By Kelly April Tyrrell

Proteins are essential to good health, but overloading your diet with them comes with a cost. Learn how to get just the right amount.

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Aroma of the sea

As a Matter of Fact

The Aroma of the Seaside.

air bags

The Story Behind Defective Airbags

By Brian Rohrig

Airbags have saved thousands of lives, but defective ones have led to more than 20 deaths. Find out what went tragically wrong.

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Future of Water

The Future of Water

By Don Calbreath and Matt Ruppel

Strategies to address current and future water crises range from the tried-and-true to the truly bizarre.

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drinking the sea

Drinking the Sea

By Matt Ruppel

We’ve already started tapping the world’s oceans to satisfy our water needs. Will it be enough?

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Towing icebergs

Towing Icebergs

By Don Calbreath

As water shortages get worse, it could finally be time to drag icebergs across thousands of miles of open water to quench parched regions.

CORRECTION: On page 14, the sidebar should read “For one thing, when water freezes, it becomes less dense.”

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Algae blooms

Toxic Shorelines: The Science of Algal Blooms

By Rebecca Heisman

Algal blooms can shut down beaches, fisheries and even city water supplies. Luckily, we know how to curb them.

CORRECTION: Eutrophication (referred to on page 16 of the print magazine) is the process by which a body of water becomes enriched in dissolved nutrients. This process can lead to the rapid growth of algae, which in turn depletes the water of oxygen when the algae die and are decomposed by bacteria.

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