April 2023

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From Pond Scum to Product: The Chemistry of Algae

By Max G. Levy
Algae are plant-like organisms that range in color and size, from microscopic phytoplankton to gigantic kelp forests. Algae produce most of the oxygen we need on earth. They are also key ingredients for many of our everyday products. 


What is the Story With Climate Change?

by Andrew Jorgensen
Over the billions of years of Earth’s existence, climate has changed significantly. But what is the story with climate change?


Fighting Climate Change One Meal at a Time

Beth Zotter’s Umaro Foods claims algae is the future of abundant, sustainable protein. Learn about Beth's journery, and Umaro's mission is to save our planet from climate calamity.

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The Chemistry That Keeps Trains Moving

By Brian Rohrig
There is no denying the allure of trains. These massive machines move freight and people, but what is the chemistry that keeps them moving?

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The Ingredients in Your Cosmetics: What Do They Do?

By Victoria Russell
We use cosmetics to highlight natural features, alter our appearance, or express ourselves. Cosmetic products include skin moisturizers, perfumes, lipstick, nail polish, and eye and facial makeup. But what ingredients to they contain, and what do they do?

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Chemistry and the Sandy Seashore

By Jeff Deakin
Everyone enjoys the simple pleasures of going to the beach—ocean breezes, salt water, waves, sandy beaches, and building castles in the sand—but what about the chemistry behind it all?

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