December 2022

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Sugar: 'White Gold' Transforming America

By William Melhado
Producing sugar was backbreaking work for enslaved people, until an innovative chemical engineer transformed the process.


Observations v. Assumptions

By Michael J. Tinnesand
We all make lots of decisions every day. Being able to question assumptions based on evidence and use our observations to make good choices is essential. But how well can we do it? 


What Can You Do with a Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry?

By Ula Chrobak
The world of chemistry is so vast, you'll probably have a harder time narrowing your choices rather having too few of them. Here are some not-so-obvious career tracks.

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Rash on skin

Leaves of Three, Let It Be: The Itchy Chemistry of Poison Ivy

By Brian Rohrig
A family of plants that includes poison ivy, poison oak and poison sumac are responsible for an allergic reaction that is itchy and painful. How do we get it and how it can be treated?

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What is Dental Enamel?

By Leigh Krietsch Boerner/Chemical & Engineering News
This complex material protects our teeth through a combination of physics and chemistry. With proper care teeth can last a lifetime, but they are vulnerable to high-sugar diets.

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Pen writing on paper

The Chemistry of Deception

By Wynne Parry
From Ancient Roman love letters to modern warfare and espionage, certain chemical compounds that are invisible to observe can be revealed by using some intriguing chemistry.

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