2020 ACS Fellows

The 2020 Fellows were announced in the July 25, 2020 issue of Chemical & Engineering News.

List of All ACS Fellows (.xlsx)



Adams, V. Dean

Utah State University

Contribution to the Science/Profession: Recognized for developing methods to quantify and treat unwanted aqueous chemicals; thereby improving human and environmental health, in addition to carrying out assessments of significant adverse impacts on natural resources. 

Contribution to the ACS Community: Recognized for the most recent revision of the ACS Constitution and Bylaws and championing the advancement of women in ACS and the chemical enterprise.


Baum, Rudy M.

Chemical & Engineering News

Contribution to the Science/Profession: Recognized for transforming Chemical & Engineering News, ACS's flagship weekly newsmagazine, over a period of three decades into the premier science magazine in the world.

Contribution to the ACS Community: Recognized for outstanding contributions to accurate and timely communications about chemistry, environmental issues, and climate change and the intersection of science and public policy through ACS Meetings and policy statements.

Becker, Matthew L. 

Duke University

Contribution to the Science/Profession: Recognized for developing new translationally-relevant degradable polymer platforms for use in regenerative medicine, additive manufacturing and drug delivery.

Contribution to the ACS Community: Recognized for enhancing educational opportunities in the community and extensive leadership service to the ACS PMSE Division through enhanced programming, fiscal stability and developing international relationships with China and Israel.

Beuning, Penny J.

Northeastern University

Contribution to the Science/Profession: Recognized for creative insights in the biophysics and biochemical functions of DNA repair and other enzymes, strong commitments to undergraduate and graduate education, and to the professional development of faculty.

Contribution to the ACS Community: Recognized for outstanding service to the Chemical Toxicology Division and the Committee on Economic and Professional Affairs, and a tireless commitment to mentoring early career scientists and future faculty.

Bonjouklian, Rosanne

Eli Lilly and Company (Retired)

Contribution to the Science/Profession: Recognized for outstanding expertise in Medicinal and Natural Products Chemistry leading to the discovery of multiple molecules, and contributions to both journal and NIH Medicinal Chemistry grant reviews.

Contribution to the ACS Community: Recognized as an ACS member for 50 years, serving on the Indianapolis Project SEED Committee from 1979 to present, sponsoring Indianapolis Project SEED Scholarships to IUPUI since 2000, serving on the Indiana Section Executive Committee from 1984-1996, and receiving the ACS Indiana Section Service Award in 2000.

Burnley, Carolyn McDonald

Shell Oil

Contribution to the Science/Profession: Recognized for a distinguished career in the surfactant industry, and a longstanding commitment to mentoring chemical technicians and future chemists, especially women and individuals from underrepresented populations.

Contribution to the ACS Community: Recognized for outstanding service to Project SEED as a committee member and, notably, an influential coordinator for the Greater Houston Project SEED site; also significant service to the ACS Greater Houston Section.


Chan, Benny C.

The College of New Jersey

Contribution to the Science/Profession: Recognized for research accomplishments in solid-state chemistry and for excellence in mentorship of 32 undergraduate students- mostly from under-represented minority populations or economically disadvantaged backgrounds, to engage in scientific research.

Contribution to the ACS Community: Recognized for his service to the CMA and for promoting diversity within the ACS. Has been a pioneer for intersectionality awareness within the society and a champion for LGBTQ+ inclusion. 


Colón, Jorge L.

University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras

Contribution to the Science/Profession: Recognized for his distinguished contributions to the areas of chemistry of inorganic layered nanomaterials for drug delivery and electrocatalysis of water splitting, and outstanding mentoring of graduate and undergraduate students.

Contribution to the ACS Community: Recognized for contributions as Chair and Treasurer of the Puerto Rico Section (1997 and 1995, 2004-present, respectively), Alternate Councilor/Councilor (2015-present), and Alternate Member/Member of IAC (2013-present).

Cook, Deborah H.

Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey (Retired)

Contribution to the Science/Profession: Recognized for chemistry teaching and mentoring excellence as a K-12 teacher, school administrator, curriculum developer, state science teacher leader, professional developer, and science teacher educator.

Contribution to the ACS Community: Recognized for leading the Society in the development and dissemination of evidence-based practices for middle and high school chemistry education to positively impact teachers, administrators, and students nationwide.

 Currano, Judith N.

University of Pennsylvania

Contribution to the Science/Profession: Recognized for her devotion to teaching chemical information and making it accessible to all, and for being recognized as an international leader in chemical information. .

Contribution to the ACS Community: Recognized for mentoring women in science, for being an ACS volunteer and a local section councilor, and for service as Chair of CINF and Chair of the Committee on Ethics.


Devanathan, Ram

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Contribution to the Science/Profession: Recognized for outstanding fundamental contributions to chemical separation membranes, computational materials science and nuclear chemistry research, mentoring, and managerial excellence as the leader of a group of innovative energy researchers.

Contribution to the ACS Community: Recognized for impactful service to the Richland Section, Northwest Region Board of Directors, Regional and National Meeting Programming, long-standing Technical Reviewer in 8 ACS Journals, and to CPRC.

Doyle, Abigail

Princeton University

Contribution to the Science/Profession: Recognized for the development and application of powerful synthetic methods for nucleophilic fluorination and Ni-catalyzed coupling, and the elucidation of new reactivity principles of broad utility in catalysis.

Contribution to the ACS Community: Recognized for leadership and service in reviewing and editing ACS publications, on ACS National Awards Committees, and co-organizing multiple symposia and conferences, and for her contributions to promoting diversity through mentorship.


Eaton, David F.

DuPont (Retired)

Contribution to the Science/Profession: Recognized for sustained contributions as researcher, manager, and technology director in industry and as an external advisor in academic centers to promote commercial and scientific advancement in photonics and photochemistry.

Contribution to the ACS Community: Recognized for meritorious Audit Committee contributions that strengthened Society financial review systems; for service as Delaware Section Chair, Councilor, and MARM Chair; and for encouraging industrial member participation.


Frey, Carl

Carl Frey Enterprise LLC

Contribution to the Science/Profession: Recognized for over 40 years of industrial leadership in the area of flavor chemistry quality control, championing safety, regulatory standards, and use of modern methods and analytical techniques.

Contribution to the ACS Community: Recognized serving as AGFD chair, program chair, membership chair and volunteer newsletter editor, and informing high school students about careers in food chemistry.


Goralski, Christian T.

The Dow Chemical Company (Retired)

Contribution to the Science/Profession: Recognized as co-inventor on the United States Patent on the preparation of the pure higher melting polymorph of Terfenadine, a non-sedating antihistamine which reached a billion dollars in sales.

Contribution to the ACS Community: Recognized for service on the Editorial Advisory Board of Organic Process Research and Development and as a reviewer for 16 years (2000-2015) helping this journal to become leading journal in organic process chemistry.


Haider, Karl W.

Covestro LLC

Contribution to the Science/Profession: Recognized for innovations in polymers leading to numerous successful commercial products including environmentally friendly and durable polyurethanes for various applications, and for leading open innovation and intellectual property development at Covestro.

Contribution to the ACS Community: Recognized for leadership resulting in increased involvement and higher visibility for industrial members of the Division of Polymer Chemistry and for many contributions to STEM education and ACS career services.

Heller, Stephen R.

 InChI Trust and NIH/PubChem

Contribution to the Science/Profession: Recognized for the development and global acceptance of the InChI identifier for chemical substances that allows the access/retrieval of substances across diverse data compilations.

Contribution to the ACS Community: Recognized for his long-term involvement with the Chemical Information and Computers in Chemistry Divisions, leveraging their synergies and ultimately elevating the scope and value of their ACS National Meeting programs.

Hu, Yun Hang

Michigan Technological University

Contribution to the Science/Profession: Recognized for pioneering the synthesis and application of shape-controlled 3D graphene, discovering memrisitive behanior of 2D layer materials, inventing thermal-photo hybrid catalytic processes, designing efficient electrodes for energy devices, and inventing novel hydrogen storage materials.

Contribution to the ACS Community: Recognized as chair, program chair, and director-at-large for Energy and Fuels Division, organizer for 38 ACS symposia, editor for 4 ACS books, and editorial advisor board member for an ACS journal.


Larese, John Z.

 The University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Contribution to the Science/Profession: Recognized for excellence in neutron-scattering, thermodynamic and modeling studies of the structure and dynamics of molecular adsorption on surfaces, materials chemistry and development of related instrumentation.

Contribution to the ACS Community: Recognized for serving the ACS at the local, regional, and national levels, including as councilor from East Tennessee and SERMACS treasurer, and for perfoming numerous public outreach and educational efforts regionally and nationally.


Maleski, Robert J.

Eastman Chemical Company (Retired)

Contribution to the Science/Profession: Recognized for expertise in colorants and UV absorbers, contributing to process development of Fine Chemicals in conventional photographic, pharma intermediates, colorants for thermoplastics, and personal care.

Contribution to the ACS Community: Recognized for ACS NETS-ACS service including, but not limited to, Chair Succession and Councilor and for ACS National Committees involvement including the Committee on Technician Activities and Chemical Technology Approval Service Chairman.

Malik, David J.

Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (Emeritus)

Contribution to the Science/Profession: Recognized for his long-standing contributions to student success through active learning pedagogies and modalities to improve educational access, and improved administrative/academic practice from department to university levels.

Contribution to the ACS Community: Recognized for leadership in local section and councilor/committee roles in expanding regional meetings for current and future scientists, and in broadening learning opportunities for science and education.

Mallia, Ajay

Georgia Gwinnett College

Contribution to the Science/Profession: Recognized for providing significant opportunities for undergraduate and HS students from under-represented/economically disadvantaged backgrounds and by engaging in scientific research and excellence in undergraduate teaching; creating positive impact on student's lives.

Contribution to the ACS Community: Recognized for outstanding leadership in ACS-Georgia, Chemical Society of Washington, as ACS leadership development system facilitator, and for exemplary service to ACS Project SEED as a committee member, secretary, coordinator, and mentor.

Marine, Susan Sonchik

Miami University

Contribution to the Science/Profession: Recognized for 46 years in industry and academia solving diverse analytical problems while fostering teamwork and inspiring new talent to the chemical community; championed chemical technicians and women in chemistry.

Contribution to the ACS Community: Recognized for serving on and chairing National Committees and Local Sections since 1974 and continually promoting the Society to students and the general public, as evidenced by two Phoenix Awards.

Mendel, Maryann M.

Eastman Kodak Company (Retired)

Contribution to the Science/Profession: Recognized for leading chemical and hybrid technology in the image capture field that benefited movie making all around the world as well as improving the development process for making products.

Contribution to the ACS Community: Recognized for chairing events and improving their success, running day –to-day operations for NERM2012 as secretary, building local section and NERM2012 websites and contributing to leadership team for 13 years.

Morales-Martínez, Zaida Cecilia

Florida International University (Emeritus)

Contribution to the Science/Profession: Recognized for being a driving force for excellence in chemical education for undergraduate and graduate students and for her mentoring and promotion of diversity in the sciences

Contribution to the ACS Community: Recognized for Local, Regional and National contributions for over 40+ years and for her involvement in the establishment and mentoring of the ACS Scholars Program.

Morgan, Michael A.

Francisco Bravo Medical Magnet High School, Los Angeles

Contribution to the Science/Profession: Recognized for exemplary and passionate science educator and master teacher with over 30 years of high school chemistry and physics teaching, building character and chemistry careers.

Contribution to the ACS Community: Recognized as a champion and trainer of chemistry teachers, thought leader in chemical education techniques, and inspirational example for future teachers.

Morgan, Sarah E.

University of Southern Mississippi

Contribution to the Science/Profession: Recognized for her exemplary contributions and leadership to polymer science education, graduate and undergraduate student mentoring, and university service through faculty and student educational/professional development programs.

Contribution to the ACS Community: Recognized for demonstrating exceptional dedication to the POLY Division across a full spectrum of positions, including Past Chair, Chair, Chair-Elect, Vice-Chair, and Secretary and organizing 25+ ACS workshops, symposia, and educational events.


Nanita, Sergio C.

DuPont Company

Contribution to the Science/Profession: Recognized for his innovative mass spectrometry methods that improved food security and advanced environmental, agricultural and biochemical research, and for continued leadership to educate students on chemistry careers in industry.

Contribution to the ACS Community: Recognized for extensive service to increase the American Chemical Society's cooperation with international organizations and industry partners for the benefit of students and professionals in the chemical sciences worldwide.

Newsam, John M.

Tioga Research

Contribution to the Science/Profession: Recognized for pioneering contributions to the structural chemistry of materials and to the innovation of techniques for characterizing and screening materials of industrial significance.

Contribution to the ACS Community: Recognized for inspiring future professional chemists through mentoring more than 100 interns, teaching entrepreneurship in the sciences on a volunteer basis, and serving over 2014-2020 as an ACS Chemistry Expert.


Obaleye, Joshua Ayoola

University of Ilorin

Contribution to the Science/Profession: Recognized as Head, Chemistry Department and Dean, Faculty of Science in University of Ilorin and for improving the understanding of Inorganic Chemistry in Nigeria and other African Countries.

Contribution to the ACS Community: Recognized as the Pioneer Chairman ACS Nigeria Chapter and Student Advisor for ACS University of Ilorin Student Chapter and as past Chairman, Chemical Society of Nigeria Kwara State Chapter.

Orgill, MaryKay

University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Contribution to the Science/Profession: Recognized for contributions to biochemistry education research; for making theoretical frameworks accessible to the chemistry education research community; and for encouraging the development of CER in other countries.

Contribution to the ACS Community: Recognized for leadership in the Division of Chemical Education, as Chair and long-term member of its Program and Biennial Conference Committees; and for service to SOCED and student affiliate groups.

Osborn, Linda V.

Heritage Research Group

Contribution to the Science/Profession: Recognized for research on the impact of asphalt fumes on worker safety with 41 peer reviewed publications and leadership during her 36 years of research at Heritage.

Contribution to the ACS Community: Recognized for her eight years of dedicated service to the Indiana Local Section and for enhancing  participation by others. Currently Alternate Councilor, former Chair and Secretary, and the most active member.

Overman, Larry E.

University of California, Irvine

Contribution to the Science/Profession: Recognized for the invention of new transformations in organic synthesis, the total synthesis of natural products, and for the exemplary mentorship of scientific researchers.

Contribution to the ACS Community: Recognized for contributing broadly to the chemistry community through membership on the ACS Division of Organic Chemistry's Executive Committee, editorial service, and assuming National leadership positions.


Park, Ah-Hyung Alissa

Columbia University

Contribution to the Science/Profession: Recognized for developing novel nanoscale hybrid materials and creating innovative reaction pathways involving CO₂, and their translational applications to the field of carbon capture, utilization and storage addressing climate change.

Contribution to the ACS Community: Recognized for exceptional service to the ACS through leadership as the ENFL Division Chair, Program Chair, and Symposia organizer, and for diversifying the Division membership by bringing new theme areas.

Posthuma, Erica A.

University High School of Indiana

Contribution to the Science/Profession: Recognized for continued service in chemical education for mentoring and training students and teachers in evidence-based science education pedagogy, facilitating professional development, and publishing on teaching for understanding. 

Contribution to the ACS Community: Recognized for contributions to the Divsion of Chemical Education through service to the ACS Exams Institute and for facilitating community outreach for the Indiana section and promoting AACT.


Rabinovich, Daniel

The University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Contribution to the Science/Profession: Recognized for advancing the fields of synthetic and structural inorganic, bioinorganic, and organometallic chemistry, while supervising diverse research cohorts, including 33 M.S., 155 undergraduate, and 48 high school students.

Contribution to the ACS Community: Recognized for dedicated service as Councilor of the Carolina-Piedmont section, Program Chair of SERMACS 2017, and Chair of the ACS History of Chemistry Division and the US National Committee for IUPAC.

Rodriguez, George

Argeni LLC

Contribution to the Science/Profession: Recognized as a forward-thinking chemical engineer and entrepreneur who created significant growth and market value advancing the modern industries of chemistry including renewable energy, advanced materials and life science.

Contribution to the ACS Community: Recognized for visionary leadership and exceptional execution in the foundation of the Leadership Awards, ACS NASA Symposiums, ACS International Chapter in Peru, and for pioneering high-impact programs that engage students and professionals globally.

Ruck, Rebecca T.

Merck & Co.

Contribution to the Science/Profession: Recognized for driving the application of mechanistic insights at Merck to help solve complex synthetic problems, leading to pipeline impacts on MK-8408, MK-3682, MK-8228 (filed), MK-7264 and MK-8616 (filing).

Contribution to the ACS Community:  Recognized for service as a powerful advocate for gender diversity in chemistry (driving WiC Merck, EWOC founder, WCC Merck Research Award initiator; writing an editorial for OPRD), driving change across the community.

Rukes, Sherri Conn

Libertyville High School

Contribution to the Science/Profession: Recognized, among other honors, as a Golden Apple Fellow in Illinois as an innovative and effective STEM educator, encouraging teachers and students, and serving in leadership roles.

Contribution to the ACS Community: Recognized for service on the IPEC, PolyEd, and Chicago section boards as well as other leadership roles, advancing chemical education collaboration, excellence, and equity in K-12.



Séquin, Margareta

San Francisco State University

Contribution to the Science/Profession: Recognized for decades of teaching and mentoring undergraduate students in organic chemistry, for sharing her expertise in plant chemistry, and for tireless efforts to make organic chemistry accessible to the general public.

Contribution to the ACS Community: Recognized for her dedicated service to the California Local Section as Chair, Program Chair, WCC Co-Chair, for organizing innovative outreach events and for connecting her academic department with the ACS.


Shields, George Charles

Furman University

Contribution to the Science/Profession: Recognized for being an outstanding scientist, teacher, and mentor. receiving the ACS Award for Research at an Undergraduate Institution in 2015 for inspiring students to careers in science.

Contribution to the ACS Community: Recognized for his contributions to increasing the quality of undergraduate research and diversity of the STEM workforce through the MERCURY consortium, and his extensive ACS service.

Spilker, Kerry K.

Chevron Energy Technology Company

Contribution to the Science/Profession: Recognized for service in R&D management and technical positions and for innovative contributions to energy conversion technologies resulting in inventions and the development of biofuels, distributed hydrogen and chemical enhanced oil recovery.

Contribution to the ACS Community: Recognized for longstanding commitment to the ACS, leading GHS as Chair, Councilor, Treasurer and Community Affairs Chair excelling at communications, fiscal responsibility and outreach through chemistry demonstrations and student mentoring.


Staden, Raluca-Ioana Stefan-van

National Institute of Research for Electrochemistry and Condensed Matter

Contribution to the Science/Profession: Recognized for leadership and contributions to biomedical analysis and for leadership and pioneering work on new classes of sensors developed for fast screening tests for early detection of cancer and diabetes.

Contribution to the ACS Community: Recognized for dedication and leadership on building up the International Romanian Chapter of ACS, promoting the values of chemistry through Conferences, Awards, TV-Radio, and by building cooperation with other societies/institutions.

Stevenson, Thomas M.

FMC Corporation

Contribution to the Science/Profession: Recognized as a world class expert in Discovery Research for Agrochemicals, consistently leveraging his prolific commerical accomplishments to foster broader scientific collaboration outside Dupont/FMC and serving as mentor/educator in industry and academia.

Contribution to the ACS Community: Recognized as an AGRO Division leader, sustaining quality national programming and commitee service and providing expertise in Agrochemical Discovery/Synthesis which attracts consistent collaboration for essential AGRO symposia and spawns substantial ACS publications.

Stubbe, JoAnne

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Emeritus)

Contribution to the Science/Profession: Recognized for experimental work establishing the mechanism of ribonucleotide reductases, polyester synthases, and natural product DNA cleavers and use of chemical investigations to solve biological problems.

Contribution to the ACS Community: Recognized for involvement in making biochemistry a requirement for all undergraduate chemists, serving as Program Chair and Head of the Biological Chemistry Division while feeling equally at home in the Bioinorganic/Inorganic Division.


Vasdev, Neil

Centre for Addiction and Mental Health & University of Toronto

Contribution to the Science/Profession: Recognized for outstanding contributions to radiochemistry with the short-lived radionuclides carbon-11 and fluorine-18, including multi-step and atypical reactions, applied and for human medical imaging studies with positron emission tomography.

Contribution to the ACS Community: Recognized for currently serving the Division of Fluorine Chemistry as Past-Chair; previously served as Chair, Vice-Chair for Programs (2016–2018); Member-at-Large (2015); for organizing the inaugural joint radiopharmaceutical chemistry symposia at ACS (2012–Present).


Waldeck, David H.

University of Pittsburgh

Contribution to the science/profession:  Recognized for fundamental contributions to the understanding of electron and spin transfer in molecules and their assemblies; and the positive impact of his administrative leadership and mentorship of junior colleagues.

Contribution to the ACS community:  Recognized for leadership and service in promoting scientific research across age groups, from senior researchers to high-school students, and communities, from international conferences to local and regional venues.

Wexler, Ruth R.

Bristol Myers Squibb

Contribution to the science/profession:  Recognized for her outstanding contributions to the discovery of drugs to treat cardiovascular disease.

Contribution to the ACS community:  Recognized for her leadership in the Medicinal Chemistry and Organic divisions and to training and mentoring the next generation of chemists in drug discovery.

White Jr., Sidney S.

Chemical Angel Network

Contribution to the science/profession:  Recognized for the development of performance chemicals, specifically breakthrough super scratch-resistant nanocomposite coatings as well as leadership in protecting and advancing chemistry-based inventions.

Contribution to the ACS community:  Recognized for service on CPRM and SCC and active engagement in SCHB, CHAL, BMGT, POLY and PMSE, and Alternate Councilor for the Tampa Bay Section where he helped rejuvinate the Section.

Windus, Theresa L.

Iowa State University and Ames Laboratory

Contribution to the science/profession:  Recognized for her leadership in the development of advanced algorithms for high performance computing in chemistry and materials and her development of a broad understanding of the chemistry of heavy elements.

Contribution to the ACS community:  Recognized for her outreach to excite student interest in chemistry and her service as a Councilor, member of the CWD and Awards Committees, and co-organizer of ACS symposia at National Meetings.

Woodward, Patrick

The Ohio State University

Contribution to the science/profession:  Recognized for outstanding contributions to the field of solid state chemistry, including influential studies of perovskites, and for efforts to embed research experiences and materials chemistry concepts into the curriculum.

Contribution to the ACS community:  Recognized for outstanding service to the ACS materials chemistry community through organization of numerous conferences and symposia, and for outreach to the community through National Chemistry Week activities.

Woolley, Adam T.

Brigham Young University

Contribution to the science/profession:  Recognized for contributions to analytical and materials chemistry, with emphasis in microfluidic systems for chemical analysis, and biotemplated nanofabrication.

Contribution to the ACS community:  Recognized for service in the Division of Analytical Chemistry, ACS National Awards, the Central Utah Section, and Regional Meetings.


Xu, Ning

Los Alamos National Laboratory

Contribution to the science/profession:  Recognized for sustained contributions to improving actinide analytical chemistry in support of our national nuclear defense, technical nuclear forensics, nuclear material safeguards and deep space exploration.

Contribution to the ACS community:  Recognized for inspiring the next generation of scientists to pursue STEM careers through chemistry education outreach and for outstanding leadership of the ACS Central New Mexico Local Section.