About Act4Chemistry

Your Entry Point for Member Advocacy

Legislation that may impact the chemical enterprise comes before Congress on a regular basis, and ACS is committed to keeping its members informed and encouraging them to weigh in on high-priority issues.

One of the main ways we do this is through Act4Chemistry.

Act4Chemistry — ACS’ legislative network — is a suite of programs and tools that allows members to become involved in advocacy at the federal level. It provides support to individual members, local sections, state committees, and other groups. Individual members can become involved at different levels of commitment and increase their strengths as advocates by joining advocacy groups.

Currently, Act4Chemistry gives over 10,000 ACS members an easy, effective way to voice opinions to legislators. It is one of the most effective groups in the ACS.

Act4Chemistry focuses primarily on federal science education and R&D policy, but also addresses environment, workplace, and technological competitiveness.

Tools & Resources to Help Members Take Action

Action Center

Members can communicate directly with their legislators at the federal level on pre-selected issues or compose their own message. Contacting legislators has never been easier!

Action Alerts

Members receive timely Action Alerts via e-mail urging them to contact their legislators on issues of concern to ACS members. The alerts include:

  • Background & status of the issue
  • ACS position
  • Sample letters

Group Advocacy Programs

Members can increase their involvement with advocacy by joining Local Section programs which allow members to work together to plan and carry out face-to-face meetings with policymakers at the federal level.