How to Attend a Town Hall Meeting

Ask a question at your legislator's town hall meeting. Let them know what's important to you. Raise awareness of your issue.

Be the chemist in the crowd!

 Find Your Policymaker's Name and Contact Information

  • Members of Congress want to hear from their constituents and won't pay much attention to someone else's voters.

Learn when your legislator's next public event will take place.

  • Visit your policymakers' websites to learn more about their upcoming schedule.
  • Sign up for email alerts and check often, especially when Congress is in recess.
    • Home district events are sometimes announced last minute. Make sure to be in the loop!

Plan what you want to say at the meeting.

  • Prepare a few concise questions about your priorities (e.g. funding for chemistry, STEM education, etc.) so you have one ready to go if you get picked.
  • Be aware that town hall events usually attract local media attention, so you may end up on the nightly news!

Attend the meeting.

  • Make sure to show up early as events can fill up fast.
  • Bring along fellow ACS members or friends to increase your visibility and the chance that one of you gets a question in.
  • Be polite and direct: avoid long preambles that distract from the heart of your question.