Joshua Melko, Ph.D.

ACS Congressional Fellow, 2021-2022


Dr. Josh Melko is an Associate Professor of Chemistry at the University of North Florida. Josh received his PhD in Chemistry from The Pennsylvania State University in 2011, where he studied the electronic structure of metal clusters in the gas phase.

He was awarded a National Research Council postdoctoral fellowship to work within the Plasma Chemistry group of the Air Force Research Laboratory, where he studied ion-molecule reactions of interest to the Air Force. Josh joined the University of North Florida in 2014, where his research program features a custom-built mass-spectrometer for studying atmospheric ion-molecule reactions. Josh teaches Introduction to Chemistry, General Chemistry, and Physical Chemistry courses at UNF and has been awarded the Outstanding Undergraduate Teacher Award. 

Josh served on the executive board of the Jacksonville Section of ACS for the past six years, leading initiatives to grow student membership and connect undergraduates with chemists in the local community.

He also enjoys science outreach, earning national recognition for his live-streamed lectures and experiments on Twitch. 


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