Leila Duman, Ph.D.

ACS Congressional Fellow, 2021-2022; ACS Science Policy Fellow, 2019-2021


Leila Duman is an organometallic chemist who earned her BA in chemistry from Bard College and her PhD in chemistry from the University of Maryland.

As an ACS member since 2011, Leila co-led the Bard undergraduate student ACS chapter and volunteered as a graduate student with her local ACS section, the Chemical Society of Washington (CSW). She was also awarded a U.S. Department of Education Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need (GAANN) Fellowship while at UMD and currently sits on the CSW Board of Managers. 

Having worked extensively in chemistry education and scientific outreach, Leila is dedicated to fostering engagement between scientists and the public through initiatives to advance scientific literacy, communication, and advocacy. 

Leila grew up in Phoenix and in her spare time enjoys birding, reading science fiction, and playing the bassoon.

Fellowship Focus

During her time as the ACS Science Policy Fellow, Leila:

  • Collaborated with ACS members to develop Society positions on science & technology funding and innovation & entrepreneurship.
  • Co-organized webinars and briefings on advanced chemical recycling, the ACS Public Policy Fellowship program, and the NSF's Vision 2030 Report.
  • Supported ACS's engagement with federal agency partners such as the NNCO, DOE, NSF, CSB, GAO, and EPA.
  • Co-created the ACS Chemistry Advocacy Workshop, a online, on-demand resource for members wishing to learn how to advocate for chemistry.
  • Drafted letters and public comments concerning the federal government's use of science in policymaking.


"As the ACS Science Policy Fellow, I’ve gained experienced navigating the different priorities ACS juggles while accomplishing complex goals to serve our members. It's given me an irreplaceable connection to my home Society as well as invaluable perspective on how entities operate outside of, but in collaboration with, the government." 


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