Technical Division Bylaws

Click on the Division name below to see bylaws for that particular Technical Division. Bylaws were recently certified for the CHAL, COMP, and RUBBER Divisions - congratulations! If any Divisions would like to update their bylaws, please see the MODEL BYLAWS and other OPTIONS to update your bylaws. Contact C&B at if you have any questions or would like our help. The Chair or Secretary of the Division may request a Word document of your Division's current bylaws.

Division Name Date of Certification Incorporated Acronym
Agricultural and Food Chemistry 9/10/15 I AGFD
Agrochemicals 10/27/00   AGRO
Analytical Chemistry 6/14/11   ANYL
Biological Chemistry 2/15/19   BIOL
Biochemical Technology 12/29/17   BIOT
Business Development and Management 5/1/17   BMGT
Carbohydrate Chemistry & Chemical Glycobiology 5/25/12   CARB
Catalysis Science and Technology 1/29/18   CATL
Cellulose and Renewable Materials 8/4/17 I CELL
Chemical Education 3/15/18 I CHED
Chemical Health and Safety 8/20/19 I CHAS
Chemical Information 8/4/16   CINF
Chemical Toxicology 11/23/10   TOXI
Chemistry and the Law 11/28/22 I CHAL
Colloid and Surface Chemistry 12/15/17 I COLL
Computers in Chemistry 10/14/22   COMP
Energy and Fuels 6/6/18 I ENFL
Environmental Chemistry 10/10/18 I ENVR
Fluorine Chemistry 1/18/18   FLUO
Geochemistry 1/1/20 I GEOC
History of Chemistry 12/13/10   HIST
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry 5/31/19 I I&EC
Inorganic Chemistry 11/24/15 I INOR
Medicinal Chemistry 6/24/15   MEDI
Nuclear Chemistry and Technology 1/1/20   NUCL
Organic Chemistry 10/24/13 I ORGN
Physical Chemistry 6/3/14 I PHYS
Polymer Chemistry 2/6/13 I POLY
Polymeric Materials: Science and Engineering 3/23/10 I PMSE
Professional Relations 12/24/10   PROF
Rubber 4/15/22 I RUBB
Small Chemical Businesses 12/23/20   SCHB