Recruitment and Engagement Toolkit

Last updated 5/20/24

What is this toolkit?

  • The recruitment and engagement toolkit is a series of easily downloadable Word documents for Member volunteers to use when reaching out to current, future or past Members.

  • There are also some FAQ’s, presentations, and flyers to use when presenting or marketing to certain audiences. 

How do I use it?

  • Find the most relevant document to fit your need (or download the entire set of resources), and then easily copy and paste the text into email and make it your own. 

  • These are starter documents that include prompts for you to make it your own. Change it in any way to make it more relevant to your audience and use the prompts to include relevant, appealing, and timely information. 

  • The presentations and flyers can be used as reference, as an email attachment, printed and handed out in person, or presented in a PowerPoint presentation – or all four!

Have any tips?

  • If you change the subject line suggestions, try to make them either personalized or action oriented to encourage people to open it.

  • If you have a Section/Division logo, use it! You can either include it in your signature (for an e-mail), or as part of the letterhead if you intend to print and mail. 

  • Make sure to include your name/contact info and your recipient’s name or salutation when reaching out. Personalization is very impactful in how individualize receive your communication, especially as email and social marketing has become so omnipresent. 

Why should I use these?

Member to Member communication and networking breaks through the noise of the multitude of marketing efforts that people receive every day. Hearing directly from dedicated Member volunteers like yourself can make a huge difference in making someone feel connected and to get them involved. 

By continuously engaging and communicating with current, future and past members, you’re building stronger connections, and confidence in the strength of the vibrant ACS Network.

Need something else?

If you’re looking for something else or need help with engaging, recruiting or communicating with current, future or past members please email us at!


Templates for Recruitment and Renewal 

 Local Sections




Career Development Materials

The following resources are intended to be printed and distributed at your events, or used as supplemental attachments in recruitment and engagement communications. These have been developed to be printed professionally so you may notice crop marks on some of the files. Please use at your discretion.

Recruitment Discount Request                     

eRosters and Community Associate Report Guide