Insourcing and Outsourcing in R&D: Trends in the Pharma Industry

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Successful application of insource and outsource services is critical to the R&D pipelines of the future. Join Michael Trova of AMRI and Mike McCoy of Chemical & Engineering News as they provide an overview of the traditional outsourcing model for drug development as well as the rising trend of working with an insourced partner. We will explore the benefits of each and provide insights for our participants on the best way to evaluate which model is right for them.

What You Will Learn

  • What is the definition of an insourcing model and how it differs from a traditional outsourcing relationship
  • What are the trends in insourcing and outsourcing discovery services
  • What are the key attributes of a qualified CRO insourcing partner and outsourcing provider


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The Fine Print

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Michael P. Trova
Albany Molecular Research Inc.

Michael McCoy
Chemical & Engineering News

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