"The SOCIETY shall be composed of members who in turn may be members of its Divisions and/or its Local Sections. It shall have a Council which, in addition to such duties as may be prescribed in this Constitution and the Bylaws of the SOCIETY, shall act as an advisory body; a Board of Directors, which shall be the legal representative of the SOCIETY and establish its administrative policies; committees both of the Council and of the Board; and such officers and employees as are necessary to effectuate its purposes." [ACS Constitution, Article III]

Governing Bodies of the ACS

Strategic Plan for 2016

ACS invites all chemical scientists and engineers to join us in achieving this vision.

Presidential Commission on Graduate Education in the Chemical Sciences

ACS President Bassam Shakhashiri has formed a commission to explore ways graduate education can address important societal issues and better support the needs and aspirations of students. Learn more