2022 Primary Elections for Districts II and IV and ConC Special Election 

The Primary Elections for Director, Districts II and IV, as well as a Special Election for Committees on Committees, to fill the vacancy left by the election of Lisa Balbes to the Board, will open on February 7 and run through March 4. You will receive an email asking if you would like to opt-in for a paper ballot on January 31. If you do not choose to opt-in, you will automatically receive an electronic ballot. ACS has again partnered with Survey & Ballot Systems (SBS) to administer the elections for 2022. To ensure your SBS broadcast emails arrive safely in your inbox, simply add the following email address as an approved sender: noreply@directvote.net. All voting Councilors, in good standing, will have the option to vote for the ConC office. Only voting Councilors, in good standing, within Districts II and IV will be able to vote for District Directors respectively. The election results will be announced at the 2022 Spring Council meeting on Wednesday, March 23, 2022. Should you have any questions concerning the election, please contact nomelect@acs.org

Get To Know Your Candidates

Information on your 2022 Nominees and Candidates coming soon.


2022 President-Elect Candidates

Judith C. Giordan
Judith C. Giordan - Elected

                        Learn more about Judy by visiting www.jgiordan.com

John C. Warner
John C. Warner

                        Learn more about John by visiting www.johnwarner.org

2022-2024 Directors At Large Candidates

Rodney M. Bennett
Rodney M. Bennett
Arlene A. Garrison
Arlene A. Garrison

          Arlene A. Garrison website

Natalie A. LaFranzo
Natalie A. LaFranzo - Elected

              Natalie A. LaFranzo website

Lee H. Latimer
Lee H. Latimer - Elected

2022-2024 District I Director Candidates


Katherine L. Lee
Katherine L. Lee - Elected

2022-2024 District V Director Candidates

Lisa M. Balbes
Lisa M. Balbes - Elected

                                                   Lisa M. Balbes website

Election Results

Past Elections Information

Past election information can be located on the ACS Network.

Future Elections

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Petition Candidates

All ACS members who are considering running for an ACS National Office by petition are strongly encouraged to contact the Office of the Secretary (202-872-4461) to inform the Secretary of their intentions to run, and to receive pertinent information BEFORE they begin sending out petition forms to collect signatures for nomination.  Learn More.

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