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fashion designers

How to Make Fashion Sustainable

By Max G. Levy

The clothing industry has been called out for years for its unsustainable practices. To shrink the environmental footprint of fashion, scientists are tackling the complex challenge of clothes-to-clothes recycling.

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photo of brandon presley
Brandon Presley

Channeling a Passion for Chemistry to Help Others

By Max G. Levy

Now a chemist who helps analyze promising new cancer drugs, Brandon Presley channels his passion for understanding how the world works, using chemistry to improve people’s lives.

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How to Raise a Jellyfish

A high school student in upstate New York learns about marine chemistry by raising jellyfish in the classroom! Find out how her project connects to climate change.

students with post it notes

How Sticky Innovations Changed the World

Take a quick look at the long, influential history, of tapes and glues. You might gain a new appreciation for everyday adhesives!

Volcano eruption - kilauea

Volcanoes: Terror From Below

Volcanoes are a spectacular and terrifying example of nature’s might. But what we know about them can help us predict their eruptions—and save lives.

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