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Black neodymium magnet on plate made of glass

The Mesmerizing Pull of Ferrofluids

By Brian Rohrig
Mysterious. Alien. Magical. The captivating movements of ferrofluids in response to a magnetic field seem inexplicable—until you learn about the science behind the versatile material!

Illustration of coronavirus covid-19: doctors holding medical equipment and searching for a cure together

Open for Discussion: Why Do Experts Change Their Minds?

By Robert Kidd
During a global health emergency, government and health experts have a responsibility to regularly provide guidance to keep people safe. During the pandemic, some people have become wary of public health advice because it switched course a few times. But why do experts change their minds?

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The Artificial Leaf: Copying Nature to Fight Climate Change

Every living thing on Earth owes its life to a single process that arose billions of years ago: photosynthesis. Now, scientists are mimicking it to help reduce our fossil-fuel dependence that drives global warming.

Chemistry in Person: The Sweet Life of a Candy Chemist

When Sarah Houle was a sophomore in high school, her love for food science began with an unlikely food—eggs. Now, she’s a Research & Development Manager at Ghirardelli Chocolate Company. 

How to Raise a Jellyfish

A high school student in upstate New York learns about marine chemistry by raising jellyfish in the classroom! Find out how her project connects to climate change.


Chemist by Training, Explorer by Heart

Yajaira Sierra-Sastree has used her chemistry degree to teach high school chemistry, help create new types of textiles and batteries, spend months living in a Mars simulation, and even oversee the research projects that keep printed money secure.

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