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Compost: Your Trash, Nature's Treasure!

By Julia R. Barrett

Composting is a way to harvest crops with natural fertilizer and reduce our contribution to greenhouse gases—a win-win!

person holding compositing bin

Ice, Cream... and Chemistry

By Brian Rohrig  

What are the ingredients in ice cream that make it so delicious?

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Cheesy Science

It is storable milk. It can last weeks or years longer than milk and there is such a variety of cheese. But when did we start making and eating cheese? And why?

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The Protein Myth: Getting the Right Balance

Proteins are essential to good health, but overloading your diet with them comes with a cost. Learn how to get just the right amount.

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Chemistry Takes to the Skies

The puffy white letters of skywriting look similar to the contrail streaks that you see trailing from airplanes. But a close look at the chemistry reveals what makes them so different.

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