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How Sticky Innovations Changed the World

By Carl E. Heltzel

Tapes and glues are everywhere, making it easy to take them for granted. But take a quick look at their long, influential history, and you might gain a new appreciation for everyday adhesives!

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guys wearing copper threaded mask
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Can Copper Save Us from the Coronavirus?

By Michael Tinnesand

A recent claim is that a familiar metal, copper, could help us beat back the COVID-19 pandemic. There is already some basic science to suggest that it might help in some ways. Copper has natural antibacterial and antiviral properties, which seem to come from copper’s ability to conduct electricity.

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Vaping: What You Need to Know

Vaping: What You Need to Know

Serious illnesses and even deaths related to vaping have sparked a debate over the use of e-cigarette devices. The cases have also brought attention to what scientists and health officials do and don’t know about vaping.

Cow Power

Cow Power: A Climate Change Solution From Manure

As the world heats up, farmers are figuring out what they can do to help fight climate change. A growing number are turning a greenhouse gas that comes from raising animals into a source of energy.

Cheesy Science

Cheesy Science

It is storable milk.  It can last weeks or years longer than milk and there is such a variety of cheese. But when did we start making and eating cheese? And why?


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