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Acidic Seas: How Carbon Dioxide is Changing the Oceans

By George Hale

Changes in our global atmosphere are adding carbon dioxide to the air we breathe, and also to our oceans.  Find out about the far-reaching effects to the underwater world.


Ice, Cream... and Chemistry

By Brian Rohrig

What ingredients are in ice cream that make it so delicious? Get facts about why we love this creamy treat in Summer, Winter, Spring and Fall.

Be Prepared for Safe Laboratory Activities

Guidelines for Chemical Laboratory Safety

Download the guidelines or purchase copies from the ACS store.

RAMP Up for Safety!

Before performing any demonstration or lab activity, use this template to RAMP up safety in your class. Download the poster or request a hard copy from

Youtube ID: Rf-k4g0wuCs


AACT on Safety

Check out the complete safety video collection on the AACT website.

Additional Summer Resources

High School Labs: Teach and Learn
ACS Committee on Chemical Safety shares critical information for high school teachers and administrators who are often the first to expose students to lab safety.

Safety Data Sheets: Information That Could Save Your Life
Every chemical has its own safety data sheet. Learn how to navigate the essential information that helps you handle chemicals properly and understand how to avoid their potential hazards.  

Chemical Safety In the Classroom
You’ll find more safety guidelines, tips and tools specific to the grade level you teach.


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