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Illustration of insects inside a burger

Bugs and the Future of Meat

By XiaoZhi Lim
Feeding the growing world population comes with an environmental cost. Edible insects could be part of a sustainable and tasty future.

Marcius Extavour
Photo provided by Marcius Extavour

Chemistry in Person: The Power of a Prize

By Max G. Levy
Optimism, competitiveness, and creativity led Marcius Extavour to work on multimillion-dollar contests that yield innovative solutions.

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Tyler Thrasher: Artist and Chemist Thinking Outside the Book

How a computer animation graduate combines his fascination with crystals and bugs into artistic expression.

Cow Power: A Climate Change Solution From Manure

As the world heats up, farmers are figuring out what they can do to help fight climate change. A growing number are turning a greenhouse gas that comes from raising animals into a source of energy.

Extreme Adventures and Saving the Planet

Laura Hoch’s career began with a murder. Well, not a real murder—a murder-mystery game staged by her chemistry teachers. Now, Hoch is a material innovation chemist for Patagonia, where she uses chemistry to make sustainable and durable outdoor apparel.

How to Make Fashion Sustainable

The clothing industry has been called out for years for its unsustainable practices. To shrink the environmental footprint of fashion, scientists are tackling the complex challenge of clothes-to-clothes recycling.

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