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The Secret Life of Gold

By Grant Currin

Valued for its beauty and functionality, gold both adorns art and serves as an electrical conductor in cellphones. New research tells us about this marvelous metal’s cosmic origins.

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Investigating the Career Path of Forensic Chemist Brandon Jones

By Lis Gallegos and Raadhia Patwary

Are you fascinated by forensics? Learn how one young scientist ended up leading the chemistry unit of a major city’s forensic department.

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By Kasha Patel

So far, no known planet—or moon—can match Earth’s Goldilocks conditions for life. Could we survive somewhere other than Earth?

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The Protein Myth: Getting the Right Balance

By Kelly April Tyrrell

Proteins are essential to good health, but overloading your diet with them comes with a cost. Learn how to get just the right amount.

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The Periodic Table Turns 150

By David Warmflash

That iconic chart of elements in your classroom turns 150 this year! Celebrate with a look at its past and a peek into its intriguing future.

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