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Cow Power: A Climate Change Solution From Manure

By Katie Navarra

As the world heats up, farmers are figuring out what they can do to help fight climate change. A growing number are turning a greenhouse gas that comes from raising animals into a source of energy.

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Protecting Water from Fire

By XiaoZhi Lim

Fernando Rosario-Ortiz, an environmental chemist at the University of Colorado, Boulder, studies how water and soil chemistries change after a wildfire, and advises local drinking-water providers in Colorado and elsewhere on how to treat water from burned watersheds.

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By Kasha Patel

So far, no known planet—or moon—can match Earth’s Goldilocks conditions for life. Could we survive somewhere other than Earth?

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The Protein Myth: Getting the Right Balance

By Kelly April Tyrrell

Proteins are essential to good health, but overloading your diet with them comes with a cost. Learn how to get just the right amount.

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The Periodic Table Turns 150

By David Warmflash

That iconic chart of elements in your classroom turned 150 in 2019! Celebrate with a look at its past and a peek into its intriguing future.

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