Advance Science through Openness

ACS Policy Priority

Science and technology provide critical tools that help us address our national and global needs. Open exchange of information and ideas is critical to scientific progress.  However, dynamic security challenges to our infrastructure, economy, and lives require that the scientific community minimize unintended or nefarious uses of legitimate science and technology. ACS supports efforts to

  • Promote a strong, non-governmental, scientific publishing enterprise that assures access to information and exchange of scientific ideas and information among all parties with legitimate uses while appropriately protecting copyright and security-related information.
  • Assure the quality of science and technological advancement through open, rigorous and inclusive peer review related to scientific publishing.
  • Assure the most open interactions possible among scientists, engineers, and students from across the globe.
Statement Position
Access to High Quality Science Supports using publishing models that are sustainable and provide universal access to scientific research. Supports the 10 principles outlined in the Brussels Declaration on STM Publishing as set forth by the International Association of STM Publishers.
Scientific Freedom Advocates freedom of scientific exchange and stronger scientific collaboration to benefit humankind.
Visa Restrictions Supports visa policies that facilitate scientific education and exchange and welcome foreign scholars, students, scientists, and engineers. Supports timely and reasonable screening processes for visits, greater transparency of the application process, and the issuance and management of visas that are more aligned with the purpose of academic study and scientific exchange.