Maintain Approval

Annual Report

ACS-approved institutions must submit an Annual Report.  Typically these reports are available each year starting on April 1 and are due on August 31.  Reports can be accessed via the Chemistry Program Approval and Review System (CPARS).  The information requested is from the current academic year and includes

  • The number of students that received bachelor's degrees (certified and not certified) in chemistry and, or, biochemistry
  • The number of students that received Master's and, or, Doctoral degrees (if the program offers these degrees) in chemistry.
  • Gender and race/ethnicity data on all degree recipients.
  • The foundation and in-depth courses that were taught during that academic year and the total enrollment for the most recent semester/quarter in which that course was taught.

Note that the reports are pre-populated with faculty and course data from the previous academic year.

Faculty Information: Please update the faculty listing by deleting faculty members that have left the department and adding any new faculty members.  If a faculty member has been promoted (e.g. from assistant to associate professor), please edit their entry rather than creating a new one.

Course Information: Please edit the courses (do not delete them) to reflect whether they were taught and update the enrollments.  If a course was not taught during the current academic year, then enter a zero (0) for the enrollment.

Aggregate data on the number and demographics of recent graduates is summarized and published each year. These data are available upon request.

Periodic Reports

To ensure compliance with the ACS guidelines, approved programs must submit a periodic report about their program every 6 years. For more details on completing the periodic report forms and learning more about the type of data that is collected, please see the CPARS Training page.

For details on maintaining ACS approval, see the 2023 ACS Guidelines for Bachelor's Degree Programs (PDF).


Annual Reports

Available: April 1
August 31
Every year

Periodic Reports

Available: January 1
Due: June 30
Frequency: Every 6 years
See your institution portal in CPARS to find your next periodic report deadline.

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