April 2019

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Celebrating Paper! Why Paper Thrives in a Digital World

By Steve Keller

Paper is an ancient invention, but its versatility for many uses from origami to packaging is unrivaled. Naturally, the key is in its chemistry!


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Open for Discussion: Paper vs. Pixels

Open for Discussion

Paper vs. Pixel

By Michael Tinnesand

While the digital shift from paper can be a big money-saver, it is also promoted in some cases as an environmentally friendly one. But are digital communications really a greener way to go?

Andes Martinez interview
Andres Martinez

Chemistry in Person

Profile: Andres Martinez

By Christine Suh

Learn how chemistry professor Andres Martinez gained confidence as a student and persevered through general chemistry—and read his surprising advice for high school science students.  

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Fighting Frizz: How Chemistry Solved a Bad Hair Day

By Raadhia Patwary

Warm, humid weather signals spring, outdoor sports, and for some, bad hair days. Here's how one chemist helped his daughter fight off fizz.

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periodic table four elements
Kelsey Casselbury

The Periodic Table's Final Four
Scientists raced to complete the periodic table. Now what?

By Adrian Dingle

The race to fill in the periodic table, as you know it, ended with the official placement of four elements in 2016. Find out what makes them chemical curiosities.

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What Are Pool Chemicals and How Do They Protect Swimmers?

By Celia Henry Arnaud

Unearth truths about pool chemistry, including why you're partly responsible for the "chlorine" smell, and what really turns hair green.

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