October 2019


Open for Discussion: The Asteroid Next Door

Open for Discussion: The Asteroid Next Door

By Michael Tinnesand

We live in a world of finite metals. What happens if we run out?


hand holding cell phone with gold sparkles

The Secret Life of Gold

By Grant Currin

Valued for its beauty and functionality, gold both adorns art and serves as an electrical conductor in cellphones. New research tells us about this marvelous metal’s cosmic origins.

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Where's the Gold? Word Puzzle
*Rompecabezas: ¿Dónde Está el Oro?

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teens and money

Cash, Chemistry, and Counterfeit

By Brian Rohrig

Long before paper money was even a thing, counterfeiters found innovative ways to fake currencies such as gold coins. Learn what makes paper money practically forgery-proof today.

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The Measure of a Mole

By XiaoZhi Lim

Did you know that units of measure can change? Well, the mole just did! Find out how and why scientists came up with its new definition.

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The Future of Forensics

By Michael Tinnesand

For years, flawed assumptions about forensics contributed to the wrongful imprisonment of many innocent people. Science has set the field on a correction course.

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Andes Martinez interview
Christine Suh

Chemistry in Person: Brandon Jones

By Lis Gallegos and Raadhia Patwary

Are you fascinated by forensics? Learn how one young scientist ended up leading the chemistry unit of a major city’s forensic department.