February 2023

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What's in Your Paintbox?

By Jeff Deakin
From the cave paintings of prehistoric times to the masterpieces of today, creating art with paint seems to be a fundamental urge in humans. 


What Is the Best Way to Learn? Online Versus In-School

By Michael J. Tinnesand
The past couple of years, students and teachers were forced into online learning for all or part of their schooling. But which style is best? 


Finding Your Path as a Chemical Technical Professional

By Carolyn Beans
If being the go-to person for handling chemicals, conducting experiments, and running analyses appeals to you, this article is for you.

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The Chemistry of Shaving

By Brian Rohrig
A sure sign that puberty has struck is the appearance of hair where there was little to none before. Learning to remove unwanted hair requires some sharp science.

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Electric vehicle

Electric Vehicles! What's the Chemistry that Makes Them Go?

By Victoria Russell
There’s a big change coming to our roads. There is a new generation of electric vehicles that are much better for the environment than cars powered by fossil fuels.

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What's Chocolate, and How Does Its Chemistry Inspire Such Cravings?

By Mitch Jacoby/Chemical Engineering & News
Chocolate isn’t just a delicious comfort food; it’s also a complex chemical mixture. We can thank the Aztecs and their contemporaries in Mexico and Central America for discovering its delights.

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