ChemIDP: A Career Planning Tool for Chemical Scientists

What is ChemIDP?

ChemIDP is an Individual Development Plan designed specifically for graduate students and postdoctoral scholars in the chemical sciences. Through immersive, self-paced activities, users explore potential careers, determine specific skills needed for success, and develop plans to achieve professional goals. ChemIDP tracks user progress and input, providing tips and strategies to complete goals and guide career exploration.

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How does ChemIDP help me?

Assess Professional and Technical Skills
As you rate your technical and professional skills and your values, ChemIDP will provide tips on showcasing them on your resume and in interviews. It will also recommend careers that match your highest rated skills and values.

Strengthen Professional and Technical Skills
Determine how, where, and when you will implement strategies to strengthen desired skills. ChemIDP will help you track your progress.

Develop and Prioritize Goals and Track Accomplishments
Articulate goals to focus efforts and increases the likelihood of achieving them. ChemIDP will compile your goals and send you reminders.

Explore Career Options
Browse through a range of career areas and use filtering options to see sectors or roles and responsibilities of interest to you. ChemIDP allows you to save, print, and share selections.


ChemIDPTM Workshop:
Planning For Your Career
A two-hour interactive workshop for graduate students and postdocs to start mapping out their career plans and to learn how the ChemIDP™ online tool can support their career planning and preparation

  • ACS Spring 2021 Meeting       April 19 | 4:00PM - 5:30 PM ET

More info:

For more information or to host a workshop at your university contact  or call 800-227-5558, ext 4588