Preparing for Life After Graduate School Workshop

Are you a chemistry graduate or post-doc student pursuing a career in industry? Learn about your career options and get prepared to make the transition from academia through the Preparing for Life After Graduate School (PfLAGS) workshop. Specially directed toward nonacademic careers in business and industry, the workshop addresses the following:

  • Defining careers for Ph.D. chemists
    What does it mean to work in industry? How do industrial jobs compare with academic and government employment? These questions and many more on defining chemistry careers are discussed. Participants find out how employees are evaluated, opportunities for promotion, the dual-ladder concept in industry, and other job-related issues. A discussion of postdoctoral research as it relates to career choices is also included.
  • Nontechnical skills and knowledge
    Learn about writing persuasive memos, conducting or receiving performance reviews, patents and intellectual property, business economics and project selection, ethics in research, and the importance of team-based approaches to problem-solving.
  • Finding employment opportunities
    Discover strategies for targeting the job market and get advice on writing strong resumes and cover letters, and interviewing skills. This part of the workshop also covers academic research proposals and the teaching philosophy statement needed for an academic job.

Students may choose the optional third day to gain real world experience through mock interviews and resume reviews. For more information about the PfLAGS workshop, email the ACS Office of Graduate Education at or call (800) 227-5558.