Graduate Student Symposium Planning Committee

The Graduate Student Symposium Planning Committee (GSSPC) was created in 2005 to facilitate ongoing involvement among graduate students in planning symposia at ACS national meetings. Student groups are chosen from a university to produce quality symposia, co-sponsored by the ACS Division of Chemical Education (CHED), of interest to the chemical community.

According to the project charter, the GSSPC Project provides:

  • a national forum for graduate students to make their own views known
  • an outlet for graduate students to develop a professional network and leadership skills
  • a sustainable source of quality programming for CHED

What’s Involved?

GSSPC groups are given full autonomy in planning an ACS national meeting symposium. This includes, but is not limited to topic selection, fundraising, speaker recruitment, and logistical arrangements.

In addition to planning national meeting symposia, teams must also commit to ensuring the continuation of the program by recruiting future GSSPC groups, mentoring successive groups, and updating the GSSPC handbook.

For more information, see the GSSPC Project Charter.

How are GSSPC Groups Selected?

Interested student groups send in applications to and are selected by active GSSPC Groups.  See the "GSSPC Participants" below to see their websites and call for applications.

Types of Symposium

  • Technical (e.g. nanotechnology, sustainable energy)
  • “Soft” Programming (e.g. careers, work-life balance)
  • Symposia that address larger ACS national meeting themes (e.g. natural disaster)

Support Resources

GSSPC Participants

Contact Us

For more information, email the ACS Graduate & Postdoctoral Scholars Office or call (202) 872-4588.