Angela Cleri, Ph.D.


Angela Cleri received her Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering from Penn State University. Her dissertation focused on cadmium oxide thin film synthesis for nanophotonic applications in the infrared spectral range. In other words, this work involved fabricating film structures capable of squeezing light to length scales orders of magnitude smaller than its wavelength. This demonstrates the feasibility of light-based devices which are capable of operating much faster than conventional electronics, and with much lower energy consumption. Before graduate school, Angela received her B.S. from the University of Florida, also in Materials Science and Engineering.

Outside of the lab, Angela also devoted a great deal of time in graduate school to the Science Policy Society, a grad student organization of which she served as President during her final year at Penn State. She used this community as a platform to educate herself and peers about science policy issues and promote effective science communication. She is especially passionate about communication skills as a tool to bridge the gap between scientists and non-technical audiences (from policymakers to average citizens) to promote evidence-based decision making.

In her free time, Angela’s favorite hobby is picking up new hobbies. In particular, she enjoys wheel-thrown pottery, sewing, film photography, rock climbing, cooking, and gardening.



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