ACS Endorses the CLEAN Future Act, H.R. 1512

February 28, 2022

The Honorable Frank Pallone
Committee on Energy and Commerce
United States House of Representatives
Washington, DC 20510

Dear Chairman Pallone:

On behalf of the American Chemical Society, it is my pleasure to endorse H.R. 1512, the Climate Leadership and Environmental Action for our Nation’s Future Act (“CLEAN Future Act”). ACS represents over 150,000 chemists and chemical engineers and is among the nation’s oldest and largest professional scientific societies.

Addressing the global climate crisis is a priority for ACS. Chemists are at the vanguard of efforts to research and understand our changing climate, and ACS advocates strongly for addressing the many negative consequences to growing greenhouse gases (GHG). Atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) concentrations are increasing at a rate never observed before, primarily due to emissions from fossil fuel combustion. Extreme weather and related events, such as floods, droughts, hurricanes, heatwaves and wildfires, are increasing in frequency and intensity threatening Americans’ physical, social, and economic well-being. Continued uncontrolled GHG emissions will compound the effects and risks of climate change well into the future.

The CLEAN Future Act is an important component to mitigate GHG emissions and decarbonizing our economy. By boosting a wide range of renewable and no carbon energy sources, electrifying the transportation sector, and improving our electric grid system, H.R. 1512 is well positioned to help our nation meet ambitious emissions reduction goals. Ultimately, boosting sustainable energy and transportation technologies is an essential element of ensuring we leave a better world to our children.

Thank you again for your hard work on this important legislation. Please do not hesitate to contact me, or Carl Maxwell ( should you have any questions.


Anthony Pitagno