Committee on Chemical Safety

Publications, tips, and other information to improve safety in schools, the workplace, and beyond.

Welcome to the Committee on Chemical Safety (CCS)! This section highlights the Committee's activities and provides administrative resources for its members. Our primary activities include:

  • Publication of standards, tools, and other materials for use in classrooms, laboratories, and the workplace
  • Development of safety policy statements for the ACS Board of Directors
  • Providing advice and assistance to other ACS committees and members
  • Presentation and sponsorship of symposia


To promote and advance positive safety cultures by providing authoritative resources.


A culture that results in all chemical practitioners working safely.

Current Projects and Announcements

  • Recently Added:
    2019 Safety Summit Findings
  • For the Classroom/Community:
    - The Flame Test: A safer version of the "Rainbow Demonstration" 


Upcoming Meetings & Events

CCS Subcommittees & Advisory Panel

These specialized groups are responsible for reviewing chemical safety issues as identified by Society members and the general public.


Focus Area: Communicating safe practices in chemical activities


Focus Area: Handling of chemicals; safe facilities, designs, and ops

Safety Solutions

Focus Area: Encouraging safe practices in chemical activities

Advisory Panel

Focus Area: Special projects associated with laboratory safety