ACS fosters the development of innovative, relevant, and effective chemistry and chemistry-related education. Educators, students, and parents are tapping into ACS resources, information, and connections as the chemistry education community continues to teach and learn remotely.

Responding to the changing educational landscape

Refer to the September 2020 Journal of Chemical Education special issue on insights gained while teaching chemistry in the time of COVID-19  

Use the virtual Journal of Chemical Education issues Laboratory Learning and Resources for Teaching Your Chemistry Class Online

Listen to the recordings and access the resource lists for the ACS Webinars

Tap into insights from department chairs and other faculty attending Teaching Labs in the Time of COVID-19

Use a collection of ACS Webinars that are free to watch

Address concerns about maintaining ACS Approval, certifying graduates, and more with the Statements on the changing educational landscape due to COVID-19 from the ACS Committee on Professional Training  

ACS Exams Institute offers ‘nonsecure’ versions of its general and organic chemistry exams (Chemical & Engineering News)

Use Tips for teaching in the time of coronavirus from veterans in online instruction from Chemical & Engineering News

Refer to How to Succeed in Online Classes during the COVID-19 Pandemic and other COVID-19 News and Information for Students in InChemistry

Read COVID-19: Challenges and Opportunities for Graduate Students and Postdocs in the Chemical Sciences in the Graduate & Postdoctoral Chemist

Digital educational resources

Use activities and information for K-12 student enrichment, posted by topic at Chemistry at Home

Increase the impact of secondary and post-secondary education with the Journal of Chemical Education, Chemical Education Xchange, and resources from the Division of Chemical Education

The New Faculty Workshop collection of teaching resources includes additional resources for research-based instructional strategies.

The American Association of Chemistry Teachers (AACT) offers resources for members, along with a collection of unlocked resources that include simulations.

To connect chemistry lessons to society use online interactives for the ACS textbook for non-science majors Chemistry in Context (available in e-book) and Energy Foundations for High School Chemistry.

Increasing accessibility and inclusiveness

Pursue the actions in the August 2020 Journal of Chemical Education editorial “Toward Intentional Diversity, Equity, and Respect in Chemistry Research and Practice” 

View presentations from the symposium The Bond between Science & Disability: Forging new Capabilities for Inclusion, including Designing for accessibility in a blended-learning course and Expanding biomedical training to the deaf/hard-of-hearing community.

Fostering chemical and laboratory safety

ACS offers resources for developing chemical and laboratory safety knowledge, skills, and culture across educational levels and the chemical enterprise, including some Spanish language safety resources.

High school

ACS high school resources

Select ChemMatters articles (in English and Spanish), include free digital resources and associated high school lesson plans

 Chemistry in the Community, an ACS high school chemistry textbook (available in e-book for instructors)

National Historic Chemical Landmarks high school lesson plans 

Elementary & middle school

ACS elementary & middle school resources 

Adventures in Chemistry

Inquiry in Action

Middle School Chemistry (including new remote learning lessons)