December 2018

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Rocking Shades in the Winter

By Frankie Wood-Black

It might be cold outside, but the sun still emits harmful ultraviolet rays. Find out how to protect your eyes.

Open for Discussion: Artificial Snow: A slippery Slope

Open for Discussion

Artificial Snow: A Slippery Slope

By Adrian Dingle

As average global temperatures continue to creep up, the production of artificial snow is also likely to increase in the near future.

Tashica W Amirgholizadeh interview
Tashica W Amirgholizadeh

Chemistry in Person

Chemist and Jurist Tashica Williams Amirgholizadeh

Ph.D., J.D. Patent litigation attorney

By Christine Suh

Blending Chemistry and law

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What’s Artificial Snow, and How is it Made?

By Emma Hiolski

Instant potato flakes are a good stand-in for snow on a wintry Hollywood set. But how can ski resorts mimic the real deal?

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ice road and beet plants
Winnipeg Free Press

‘Beeting’ Icy Roads

By Adrian Dingle

Salting roads in the winter is a common practice, but it could harm the environment. The good news is alternatives are spreading.

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Answer to Just Add Salt exercise:
∆T = (2)(1.86°C/m)(1m) = 3.72°C

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Cupping: Harmless Fad or Sound Science?

By Brian Rohrig

You’ve seen the telltale signs of cupping on athletes and stars.
How does this ancient practice work—or does it?

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