October 2018

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Titan vs Mars


Mars vs. Titan: A Showdown of Human Habitability

By Kasha Patel

So far, no known planet—or moon—can match Earth’s Goldilocks conditions for life. Could we survive somewhere other than Earth?

Open for Discussion: The human drive to explore space

Open for Discussion

The human drive to explore space

By David Warmflash

Mars Rover can explore space without the risk to human life. So, should we continue to send astronauts into space, or will robots take over the final fontier?

Tyler Thrasher interview
Tyler Thrasher

Chemistry in Person

Profile of Tyler Thrasher
Thinking outside the (chemistry) book

By Christine Suh

How a computer animation graduate combines his fascination with crystals and bugs into artistic expression.

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eel shocking arm illustration
Kenneth Catania

The Shocking Chemistry of Electric Eels

By Brian Rohrig

Electric eels are known to attack animals far larger than they are. Find out where their super power comes from.

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Crop growers

Feeding  the World: A Story of Guano, War,
and Invention

By Adrian Dingle

If history is any indication, we'll come up with new ways to feed our growing population. The question is: At what cost?

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how glass changed the world

How Glass Changed the World

By Michael Tinnesand

Glass is both an ancient invention and a material of the future. Its versatility will blow you away!

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