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Lesson 4.2: The Periodic Table

Accompanying Lesson Plan: Lesson 4.2: The Periodic Table

Periodic Table Elements 1-20

Videos, illustrations, and information about the first 20 elements of the periodic table.

*Part of Lesson 4.2

See Periodic Table

Periodic Table Game

  • Players read questions about the number of protons, neutrons, and electrons, and score points by picking the correct element as the answer.

Periodic Table

  • The periodic table contains information about the different elements that make up all the solids, liquids, and gases in the known universe.
  • Even though there are only about 100 elements, the atoms of these elements make up the millions of substances in all matter.

Periodic Table of the First 20 Elements

  • This is a close-up of the first 20 elements from the periodic table.
  • Many common substances are composed of atoms from these first 20 elements.

Element Explanation

  • Each box in the periodic table contains basic information for the element.