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California Section Educational Grants

Purpose: Recognizing the financial challenges faced by many educational institutions, the California Section Educational Grants Program was created in 1995 as an annual program to award needy schools the funds to help purchase educational materials for the teaching of chemistry, whether these materials be in the form of lab equipment, books or other “paper” materials, electronic teaching aids, or teacher training such as registration fees for summer AP workshops. The funds are not meant to supplement compensation for teachers or payment to students. The annual grant cycle includes announcement of the program in the spring, grant applications due July 1, and awards announced in August for the coming academic year.

Eligibility: The grants are offered to middle school, high school, college and university chemistry programs within the geographical boundaries of the California Section. The Grant Applicant must be a teacher or professor in an accredited school in the State of California.

Nominations: A simple one-page application form is required, stating the teacher contact information, the amount requested (with vendor price quotes as applicable), the specific need, and the number of students expected to benefit if the grant is awarded. The Grant Recipient shall be directly responsible for all grant funds and shall produce receipts for all major expenditures, if asked. If requested, the Grant Recipient shall submit a brief Annual Report of the Program with expenditures of all funds allocated by the California Section. This report is due at the end of the grant period.

Contact Information

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