High School Chemistry Exam Competition

Purpose: The Northern West Virginia ACS Section sponsors two levels of high school chemistry examinations each spring. The year one exam provides incentive for the students to work hard in their first year chemistry courses by providing monetary awards to top scorers on the exam. The results from this exam also offer an opportunity for area high school teachers to gauge the chemistry knowledge of their students on a nationally normed assessment. The year two exam, also called the Local Chemistry Olympiad exam, is the first step in the International Chemistry Olympiad competition. Students who perform well on the year two exam may continue in the National Chemistry Olympiad competition. The top scorer on the year two exam also receives a monetary prize.

Eligibility: Current high school students who have studied or are presently studying chemistry are eligible to participate.

Nominations: Letters are sent to area high school teachers announcing the program. Home schooled students may contact the High School Chemistry Exam Coordinator directly.

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