Chemistry in Context: Applying Chemistry to Society


Chemistry in Context

A textbook for non-science majors

Teach chemistry in the context of everyday life and examine world issues through a science lens!

The 10th Edition is now available

Chemistry in Context is a successful, issues-based curriculum developed by the American Chemical Society for non-science majors at the college level. The book is available in print and as an ebook.


New Simulations

Web-based simulations allow students to better understand different methods, manipulate variables to investigate properties, and see chemistry happen before their eyes.


Interactive activities

Updated Your Turn questions include  interactive web-based opportunities to help students develop a deep understanding of the chemistry involved, with real life contexts.



A capstone chapter highlights how forensic science can be used to solve a crime. A lab mysteriously catches fire and students investigate a "whodunit" style murder case to solve with the help of chemistry.

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Get hands-on training from the authors, who are seasoned educators, on how to successfully execute the content and experiments in your classroom.


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