Ch. 14 | Who Killed Dr. Thompson? A Forensic Mystery

Chapter 14 Opening Video

This video introduces students to the forensics they'll use in Chapter 14 to solve a mystery.

Solvent Still

This video demonstrates how to safely set up a THF solvent still with potassium.

Gas Chromatography

This video shows students how to use a gas chromatograph.

Mass Spectrometry

This video shows students how to use a mass spectrometer.

Microscope Principles

This video points out the differences between an optical microscope and an electron microscope.

DNA Extraction

This Flash-based virtual lab allows students to extract DNA from samples.

Polymerase Chain Reaction

This Flash-based virtual lab allows students to perform a PCR reaction to better understand what's depicted in Figure 14.18.

Gel Electrophoresis

This Flash-based virtual lab allows student to run a gel electrophoresis to better understand what's illustrated in Figure 14.19.

DNA Analysis

This video helps explain DNA fingerprinting, which is depicted in Figure 14.21.

3D Structure of Toluene

[Insert description]

3D Structure of Diethyl Ether

[Insert description]

3D Structure of Tetrahydrofuran

[Insert description]

3D Structure of N-Hexane

[Insert description]

3D Structure of Dichloromethane

[Insert description]

3D Structure of Acetonitrile

[Insert description]

3D Structure of Cyanoacrylate

[Insert description]

DNA Extraction from Foods

This link provides an experiment to extract DNA from a variety of food items.

DNA Extraction Virtual Lab

This simulation illustrates the processes involved in the extraction of DNA.

PCR Schematic

This interactive website describes the details of PCR used to amplify DNA.

DNA Fingerprinting

[Insert Description]

DIY Gel Electrophoresis

This video describes how to build your own gel electrophoresis system.

Real Talk: Dr. Houck

Check out this interview with Max Houck to learn how forensics is applied in the real world.