Ch. 5 | Water Everywhere

Chapter 5 Opening Video

This video sets the stage for what students will learn about properties of water in Chapter 5.

Molecule Polarity

This PhET simulation allows students to change atoms in a molecule to see the effects on polarity and can be used to answer Your Turn 5.6.

Hydrogen Bonding

This interactive illustrates hydrogen bonding, as shown in Figure 5.5.

Connected Chemistry

This simulation shows what happens to water molecules as temperature is altered.

Water Use

This interactive figure shows the total fresh and salt water uses in the U.S., as shown in Figure 5.11.


This PhET simulation shows how the relative amounts of solute or solvent affect the concentration of the solution. 

NaCI Solution

This video illustrates techniques for solution preparation, as shown in Figure 5.18.


This PhET simulation shows how the moles of a solute or volume of a solvent affects the molarity of the solution.

Dissociation of NaCl

This animation shows sodium chloride dissolving in water, as referenced in Figure 5.19.

Solubility Patterns

This video investigats the solubility characteristics of various ionic compounds.

Displacement Reactions

This video illustrates double displacement reactions between aqueous solutions and can be used to answer Your Turn 5.28.

3D Model of Sucrose

See a 3D rendering of sucrose, as shown in Figure 5.20.


This video illustrations the conductivity of solutions, as shown in Figure 5.21.

Oil and Water

This video shows how water and oil are not miscible with each other, as referenced in Figure 5.24.

3D Model of a Surfactant

See a 3D rendering of a surfactant, as shown in Figure 5.25.

Neutralization Experiment

This video demonstrates the change in pH during a neutralization reaction.

pH Scale

This PhET simulation allows students to test the pH and vizualize the ions in solutions of household substances.

Acid Base Solutions

This PhET simulation shows how relative concentrations of strong or weak acids and bases affect the pH of the solution.


This video shows how increasing the acidity of water can cause the dissolution of an eggshell through a chemical reaction.

Semipermeable Membrane

This video illustrates the behavior of a semipermeable membrane.