Ch. 8 | Energy Storage

Chapter 8 Opening Video

This video sets the stage for what students will learn about batteries in Chapter 8.

Green Chemistry

This ACS Reactions video explains why the Statue of Liberty is green.

Ohm's Law

This video explains Ohm's law using real-life examples, rather than using an analogy like in Figure 8.5.


Galvanic Cell

This video explains and shows how a redox reaction is used to make a galvanic cell, which is illustrated in Figure 8.10.

Cell Phone Battery Life

This ACS Reactions video explains how you can make your cell phone battery last longer.

Exploding Smartphones

This ACS Reactions video talks about how Li-ion batteries can explode.

PEM Fuel Cell

The animation shows the parts of a PEM fuel cell and will help you answer Your Turn 8.13.

Redox Reaction

This video shows a series of metals in solution; one results in a redox reaction.