Ch. 10 | Brewing and Chewing

Chapter 10 Opening Video

This video sets the stage for what students will learn about the chemistry of food in Chapter 10.

Toothpaste & Orange Juice

This ACS Reactions video explains how toothpaste affects our sense of taste.


This ACS Reactions video compares milk chocolate with dark chocolate.

Cookie Chemistry

This ACS Reactions video looks at the chemistry of baking cookies.

Heating Curve of Water

This interactive AACT simulation allows students to investigate the heating curve of water with data and better understand Figure 10.4.

Water's Boiling Point

This infographic explains why water boils at different temperatures in different cities/at different altitudes, and provides further explanation to Figure 10.5.

The Maillard Reaction

This ACS Reactions video explains what the Maillard reaction is and why our tastebuds thank chemistry for it.


Microwaves & Molecules

This PhET simulation allows students to interact with microwave radiation to better understand Figure 10.9.

Microwave Oven Safety

This ACS Reactions video examines whether microwave ovens are dangerous.


This Reactions video talks about the chemistry of sushi.


Mentos and Diet Coke!

This Adventures in Chemistry video dives into Henry's Law with a familiar demonstration.


This video demonstrates the culinary art of spherification.

The Donut Battle

The ACS Reactions video discusses fermentation in the context of donuts -- yeast vs. cake.


This ACS Reactions video talks about how whiskey is made.

A Cup of Coffee

This ACS Reactions video investigates how coffee is made.

3D Model of Caffeine

See a 3D rendering of caffeine, illustrated in Figure 10.21.