Ch. 3 | Radiation from the Sun

Chapter 3 Opening Video

This video sets the stage for what students will learn about radiation from the sun in Chapter 3.

Color and Light

This video explores the relationship between wavelength of light and the apparent color of materials.

Electromagnetic Spectrum

This simulations shows the relationship between wavelength, frequency, and energy of electromagnetic waves.

Rainbow Flame Demo

This ACS video shows a laboratory demonstration of a flame test, which students can use to answer Your Turn 3.8.

Solar Radiation

This interactive activity shows where UV light comes from, and explores how the atmosphere protects us from UV radiation.


This ACS Reactions video explores the question: what if humans could use sunlight to make their own food like plants?

Anti-Wrinkle Cream

This ACS Reactions video explores how anti-wrinkle creams work.

Cancer Statistics

This interactive data on the effect of race on the melanoma incidence rates can be used to answer Your Turn 3.15.

Lewis Structures

This video shows examples of drawing Lewis structures.

Ozone in the Atmosphere

This simulation shows how EM radiation interacts with an ozone molecule.

Ozone Concentrations

This animation demonstrates ozone hole concentrations shown in Figure 3.25.

CFCs in the Atmosphere

This simulation shows the effects that EM radiation has on CFC molecules.

Elephant Toothpaste

This ACS Reactions video shows a fun application of a catalyst.

How Air Conditioning Works

This ACS Reactions video explains how air conditioning works.

Chemistry of Sunscreen

This video explores of how effective sunscreens protect skin from UV light.

Surface/Volume Ratio

This simulation explores surface/volume ratio of nanoparticles and their influence on skin penetration of UV radiation and helps with Your Turn 3.36.

Nanoparticle Sunscreen

This simulation investigates how sunscreen works and helps with Your Turn 3.36.