Chemistry in Context is a text that teaches chemistry through real-world applications. The lab manual is no different! Each investigation mimics lab procedures used in research labs, and the investigations examine real-world issues. Students are guided through each investigation using the Science Writing Heuristic.  

The 10th edition and 2024 Release lab manual includes 24 total investigations. Some are carried over from previous editions, and some are new to 10e:

  • Chemical and Physical Changes
  • Accuracy and Precision of Measurements
  • Air Pollution and Properties of Gases
  • Color and Light
  • Sunscreen and UV Protection
  • Molar Mass and Molar Ratios
  • Greenhouse Gas Effect
  • Acid Rain
  • Investigation Solubility
  • Extracting Limonene with Liquid CO2
  • Water Analysis
  • Energy Content in Biodiesel
  • Radioactivity
  • Exploring Electrochemistry
  • Fruit Battery
  • Polymers: Properties and Synthesis
  • Polymer Identification and Degradation
  • Fermentation and Distillation of Ethanol
  • Measuring Fat in Potato Chips and Hot Dogs
  • Measuring Salt in Food
  • Equilibrium and LeChâtelier’s Principle
  • Aspirin Synthesis and Analgesics Identification
  • Isolating DNA from Plant and Animal Cells
  • Paint and Arson: A Forensic Analysis

Once you purchase the lab manual, instructors have accesss to an online resource guide, which includes reagent preparation, answers to questions, and sample results to some experiments.

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