Ch. 2 | The Air We Breathe

Chapter 2 Opening Video

This video sets the stage for what students will learn about the components of air in Chapter 2.

Components of Air

This video demonstrates a hands-on investigation of the components of air.


This ACS Reactions video explains why jets leave behing "chemtrails."

States of Matter: Basics

This PhET simulations shows the relationship between volume, pressure, and temperature of a gas.

Concentration Conversions

This video demonstrates relative concentrations.

Caesar's Last Breath

This ACS Reactions video discusses whether people are breathing air molecules that were once exhaled by Caesar.

How Bacteria Make it Rain

This C&EN Speaking of Chemistry video shows how natural aerosol particles originating from the ocean can influence weather patterns.

Deadly Carbon Monoxide

This ACS Reactions video explains why carbon monoxide is so deadly.

Air Pollution Data

Interact with the data in Figure 2.13 to see average levels of air pollutants. 

Air Quality Life Index

Use this interactive data to see how much longer you would live if you breathed clean air.

Balancing Equations

This PhET simulations provides students with additional practice with balancing equations.

Balance a Chemical Equation

This video shows details about balancing chemical equations and limiting reagents.

PM2.5 Composition Trend

This interactive map can be used to answer Your Turn 2.26.

Investigating Air Pollution

This video demonstrates a hand-on investigation of air pollution.