Chemistry in Context Webinar & Networking Series

Get training from the author team

The Chemistry in Context Webinar & Networking Series is developed to ensure you are well-prepared to use the text and lab manual with your students. You have a short amount of time with your students; make every minute count.

The series focuses on explaining how to successfully use the text to hook your students on chemistry. You will be prepared and you will save time because the author team will familiarize you with the material—old and new. You'll walk away with sample syllabi, exposure to interactives, and discussion points to engage your students in chemistry content and contexts.

Learn the Text's Content and Teaching Strategies

Visit the ACS Learning Center to register for the series and receive notifications about upcoming webinars and/or coffee breaks. Events are modular, so attend one or attend them all!

For instructions of how to login to the ACS Learning Center, download this document.

Archived Recordings from the CiC Webinar Series

Using Chemistry in Context - archived AACT webinar

Join Editor-in-Chief Brad Fahlman as he walks you through strategies for using CiC in the classroom. He talks about instructional strategies that will engage your students, including how a variety of media (e.g., videos, simulations, labs, demos) can be used to initiate in-class discussions and assist students with retaining knowledge outside of the classroom.

Chemistry in Context

Applying Chemistry to Society

The 10th edition features:

  • A robust library of interactive activities for students to interact with.
  • Connections between the real world and chemistry concepts.
  • Real data for students to analyze.