Ch. 1 | Portable Electronics: The Periodic Table in the Palm of Your Hand

Chapter 1 Opening Video

This video sets the stage for what students will learn about chemistry's central role in electronic devices in Chapter 1. 

How Touchscreens Work

This video explains how touchscreens on electronic devices work.

States of Matter: Basics

This PhET simulation shows atoms and molecules in different states of matter and helps students answer Your Turn 1.2.

Extracting Limonene

This video shows the three phases of carbon dioxide that occur in the extraction of limonene.

Inventing the Periodic Table

This ACS Reactions video shows the science and history of the elements fell into place on the periodic table.

Classification of Matter

This video allows students to familiarize themselves with classifying matter and answer Your Turn 1.4. 

Calculating Mass Percent

This video walks students through the process of calculating atomic percentages for compounds.

Relative Sizes

This video compares the size of the largest galaxies to the dimensions of the smallest atoms.

How Can You See an Atom?

This ACS Reactions video shows how scientists can "see" atoms. 

3D Model of Allotropes

See a 3D rendering of three elemental forms of carbon shown in Figure 1.9: graphite, diamond, and buckministerfullerene.

Mining & Purifying Metals

This video explains the chemical reactions required to mine and purify metals. 

Computer Chips from Silicon

This video explains how computer chips are produced from silicon.

Prince Rupert's Drop

This video shows the formation of a Prince Rupert's drop.

The Creation of Gorilla Glass

This video explains the creation of Gorilla Glass.

Mass vs. Weight

This video explains the difference between mass and weight.

What's Inside Your Phone?

This ACS Reactions video dives into the chemistry of what's inside your smartphone.