Ch. 7 | Energy from Alternative Sources

Chapter 7 Opening Video

This video sets the stage for what students will learn about alternative energy sources in Chapter 7.

Isotopes and Atomic Mass

This PhET simulation allows students to manipulate subatomic particles to better understand isotopes.


Chain Reactions

This video explains how dominoes can mimic nuclear chain reactions to better understand chain reactions.

Nuclear Fission

This PhET simulation allows students to investigate nuclear fission that takes place in a reactor like that shown in Figure 7.7.

Ionizing Radiation

This activity explains how to construct a cloud chamber to visulaize ionizing radiation.


This activity shows how pennies can be used to mimic half-lives.


This video explains the aftermath of the Chornobyl nuclear disaster, which is also depicted in Figure 7.16..


This video shows electrons and holes move through a semiconductor crystal.

Solar Cells

This video expands on Figure 7.28 and explains how solar cells work.

Will Solar Work For You?

This infographic explains the relative cost and pay back of solar power in different U.S. regions.

Virtual Wind Farm Tour

This video takes you on a virtual tour of a wind farm.

Wind Turbine

This video expands on Figure 7.36 and explains how to build a wind turbine.